Top 25 Fittest Hollywood Actors and Actresses

Bonjour gentle readers! With this blog post, I am going to share with you the fittest Hollywood actors and actresses. These actors are not just famous for their impeccable contribution to the acting world but also for their passion for health and fitness. They have fans that not only follow their fashion style but are also crazy about their fitness mantra!

Top 25 Fittest Hollywood Actors and Actresses

Nowadays, bodybuilding or having a good physique is quintessential. It gives you the confidence to be presentable on most social media and is a part of self-grooming. People today just want the body to be chiseled and to have a perfect jawline. But few of them understand the benefit of being fit. A Fitness regime is followed with full dedication without any haste or shortcuts, which will eventually shape your body and calm your mind. Fitness has become a trend. Being fit or having a good physique was mostly owned by the sportsperson earlier. But there are few actors and actresses who inspired the mass with their perfect figures and healthy lifestyle. Undermentioned are the top 25 fittest Hollywood actors and actresses who will leave your jaws open with their fine-fit figures and discipline toward their fitness regime.

25. Margot Robbie

The gorgeous ‘Suicide Squad’ actress is a beast when it comes to training. While preparing for the film, she sweats it out with the most intense workouts. She worked hard so much in her training that her trainer allowed her to eat whatever she wants alongside her exercises. Fascinating! Isn’t it? Her training was not just high intensity but turbocharged! Her workout routines were ballet-inspired comprising mini trampoline and jump-ropes. She was also big into Pilates workouts. There was no diet restriction imposed on her due to her hectic workout sessions. As she was into dancing prior to her acting career, she has always been fit and fabulous. She works out for two to three hours a day, five days a week. She did not prefer weight training rather she likes to indulge herself in more strength-building exercises like Pilates, boxing, tennis, dancing, etc. Just like her intense and dedicated acting skills, her motivation toward her health and fitness is also remarkable! That is the reason why she is counted among the fittest actors and actresses in the Hollywood industry.

24. Dwayne Johnson

If we are talking about fitness, and Dwayne Johnson’s workout regime is not discussed, that is not possible! Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, famous for his smolder and the epic one eyebrow raise attitude is standing on the epitome of fitness. His gargantuan physique doesn’t come to him overnight! He had worked very hard and maintained his extreme discipline towards his goal of keeping bettering himself in his health and fitness. The ‘Black Adam’, keeps on changing his workout regimen as per the need to maintain as well as improve his ‘Hercules Body’. This 50-year-old is one hell of a fitness freak! He kicks starts his day at 3.30 am with his intense cardio followed by different exercises for different days. Yes, he had his workout split up into 6 days focusing on different parts of his body on different days; legs, back, shoulder, arms/abs, legs, and chest. He workouts for about 3 to 4 hours for 6 days non-stop and then he treats himself with the most delicious and gluttony cheat meal on his day of rest.

23. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth aka ‘Thor’ is worthy enough to be on this list of the fittest Hollywood Actors and Actresses. For acquiring the god-like body that he has, he had gone through an extreme and brutal workout regime along with a diet. He likes to mix up his workout routines with martial arts, combat sports, HIIT training, weight training, and other forms of athletic workouts. His barbaric workout sessions consist of 3 minutes of boxing, 50 squats, 40 sit-through, 25 push-ups, 20 reps of five different core exercises, and then 2 minutes of rest. For Thor, he had bulked up himself by having high-protein meals 6 times a day. Though normally he is always in shape, as per the needs of his films he tends to lose or gain weight with utter discipline and quite healthily. He has a severe love for assault bikes and enjoys taking sprints on them. He is extremely loyal and disciplined towards what he feeds his body. Apart from all that he is an insanely athletic person in real. He loves surfing, climbing, and every other crazy adventurous gig.

22. Jason Mamoa

The Aquaman of Hollywood is blessed with a mountainous physique. But for maintaining that gigantic body and keeping it in shape for the roles like Aquaman, Khal Drogo, Conan, and many more. He is known to be moving forward in acing the workout game and being one of the fittest actors in Hollywood. He is known to be into a barbarian lifestyle in terms of workout regimes. He gets bored quickly in the gym with iron weight and machines. He loves paddle boating, surfing, mountain sprinting, climbing, swimming, etc. Paddle boating and surfing help him to build his core strength as well as body balance. He is a sucker for beers, but he never takes a day off from his various physical-athletic activities. He keeps check on his diet but often enjoys a good gut filing delicacies. For his roles like Khal Drogo, Aquaman, etc in which he has to show off his bare body (which is in almost every film), his training was intense. The AR 7 workout helped him to get all jacked up for his insanely huge and ripped roles. His training involved using lower weights and lower reps while taking little rest between each set. The focus was to keep the tempo of the workout which led to burning faster followed by reducing all fatigue on joints and muscles and eventually keeping him energetic to expand his workout hours.

21. Brad Pitt

The two times winner of the title “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine, Brad Pitt is among the fittest actors in Hollywood. The 58 years old American actor still holds his position tight and sealed in his fan’s hearts. Unlike others, he believes in being toned and not muscular. He focuses on his cardio as the weight training helps to gain muscle but cardio training enhances his physique. Currently, his epic character in “Fight Club” is amongst the buzz; everyone is asking about those abs and chiseled bodies he had in that movie. It’s been 23 years since the movie and he had proven himself the most handsome man in Hollywood ever since. He is 58 years old now and still has the alluring charms. He is exceptionally focused on his healthy diet as well as the nutrients his body needs. Along with cardiovascular training, he equips himself with some Yoga for combat, like martial arts positions, preceding dynamic warm-ups. He believes it helps him be conditioned physically and mentally.

20. Matthew McConaughey

He is amongst those actors who set the trend of abs and chiseled bodies in the 90s and is still turning heads with their toned bodies and remarkable appearances. In his 50s also he gave tough competition to the bulked-up dudes. If you see McConaughey’s body you will notice that he doesn’t have six-pack abs, rather he has a nice set of pecs, round shoulders, and noticeable traps. He doesn’t like gym workouts instead he loves outdoor workout sessions. His workout regimen mainly consists of running for 20 minutes and doing 10 sets of 20 push-ups while returning. He mixes up his cardiovascular training and lightweight training. His most preferable exercise is to hold a dumbbell for 15 minutes; it is the best trap exercise. His good gene helps him not gain quick fat. However, he avoids carbs as much as he can, and only just the right amount that his body needed. He never lets his body miss his daily workout; even from his tight schedule, he finds a small window of opportunity to do his sets of push-ups.

19. Henry Cavill

The great greek god body of the Superman of Hollywood has set a new bar in not only Hollywood but around the globe. His crazy fan base admires his fitness and adores his physique. The 6 ft 1 inch, 200 lbs British actor used to be obese in his school days. But now people are curious to know and follow his fitness regime. His gigantic physique in Superman, The Witcher, etc. had left everyone in awe. No doubt he had his strict nutritional diet and work out in beast mode. He was known to be a huge kid in school but not in a fit or attractive manner. But eventually, he managed his fat-to-fit journey pretty well and the result is eye-pleasing! He has now big bulk muscles, for which he eats a good amount of protein and carbs for the healthy building of his muscles. He is shaping those bulk-ups with an intense workout regimen. His regimen holds, strong cardio, half-ISO alternating dumbbell curl, 3-way shoulder raise, oblique static hold, hyperextensions that focus on hamstrings-glutes-lower body, Romanian deadlift, etc. As heavy these words sound they are heavier to perform and Cavill does that regularly without fail reflects in his GOD-BOD!

18. Bradley Cooper

The actor of “The Hangover” saga, “The A-Team”, “The Silver Lining”, “A Star is Born” and many more exceptional movies, theatres, and shows, Bradley Cooper aced in all. Along with an outstanding acting career, he also managed to lock his aging and good looks. Bagging the title of “The International Man of the Year” by GQ magazine, and holding the crown of “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine is not a matter of overnight glow. Cooper has always been very conscious of his health and physique. His single goal is to eradicate his excess fat and build an athletic healthy body. However, as per his various roles, he had adopted the bulk-up body but normally he likes to maintain his athletic body. His normal day fitness regimen consists of running, whether on the treadmill or outside in nature. His workout regimen is not fixed, he likes to combine various exercises and is consistent in his daily workout game. Two hours of his 6 days workout is non-negotiable. He loves eating sandwiches but is focused that he does not intake more than 6000 calories a day. His discipline and dedication to his health are what keep him ageless, limitless, and healthy.

17. Chris Pratt

The Star Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy is holding a name for him in the list of Hollywood’s fittest actors. He is amongst one those actors who had shown a drastic change in their health and personality within a wee amount of time. This toned and all-jacked-up actor used to be obese and chubby. But for the sake of his role and the betterment of his health he worked out to be from fat to fit within 6 months! That’s right from being bulky and obese; he worked his way up to be shredded and fit. He lost 60 lbs in six months without any shortcuts. His diet framed by the nutritionist Phil Goglia had worked wonders for him in going flabs to abs. His diet was planned with 3-4 hours of daily and tough workouts. He consumed 4000 calories in a day and consumed water equivalent to his weight (number of glasses). His workout includes P90X, triathlon, running boxing, swimming, etc. six days a week! No wonder he had carved his body in the most chiseled way.

16. Anne Hathaway

Hathaway started her career in acting very young. As soon as she stepped into movies she was adored by her fans. Her beauty and quirky attitude rule the hearts of her fan base. Her beauty in her first movie, “The Princess Diary” was fresh and elegant. She was 19 years of age in that movie, now she is 39 years of age; still, she looks as if she hasn’t aged at all! How did she conserve such beauty and physique? The answer is a healthy diet and a tough workout. She tends to change her workout routine and diet as per the need of the characters she was to be playing. She reveals that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy, sometimes you have to hold on to it to stay motivated when everything sucks and hurts as hell! She is disciplined and persistent in her work hence she never compromises her fitness goal. She loves Bikram Yoga; apart from that, her regime consists of dancing, swimming, martial arts, weight-lifting training, and anything or everything necessary for her to look suitable for her roles.

15. Gal Gadot

Talking about Hollywood’s fittest actors and actresses, how can we miss out on Wonder Woman? Gal is the ambassador of jaw-dropping and eye-popping reactions to her beauty and body. For playing the part of a superhuman, she worked out like a beast! Her trainer Magnus Lygdback’s tailor-made workout program for Gal’s role as Wonder Women was arduous. Gadot herself wanted to be more than just fit, she wanted to fit perfectly in the role of Dianne aka Wonder Women. She used to work out five days a week of strength training, resistance training, and a special workout targeting different parts of the body every day. In her diet, she was always conscious about the fuel she gives to her body. Her focus is to intake as much leafy and green veggies, high fiber, and low-calorie food. 

14. Scarlett Johansson

She is one of the precious gems of the Marvel Universe! Famous for her character name Natasha aka Black Widow, she is the definition of fitness. This beauty was kickass in her action sequences. Her fitness left the people in awe. She has always talked about being fit and cleared many myths about fitness. As per her, training for longer hours will not be as effective as training efficiently for just an hour. She believes that even if you are efficiently doing one set of exercises, it’s gonna pay off. Her training for the Black Widow included mobility workouts that helped her in performing the strength training and core workouts pain-free. She enjoys rotational ball throws, kettlebell swings, plyometrics, etc. getting the body that she owns needs an unbreakable discipline and motivation which she surely has.

13. Michelle Rodriguez

She is one of the most badass actresses in the Hollywood film industry or we can say the worldwide film industry. She is the face of beauty with brains, figures, talent, and kickass stunts! Say Fast and Furious series or Resident evil or SWAT, and many more; she is the face of action and daredevils. Her bone-chilling stunts and fearless action sequence speak loudly about her fitness. When she is filming she works out as per the need of her role, but even when she is off duty she is physically working out through any outdoor physical activity. She walks a lot! She enjoys running, cardio, resistance training, and weight training. She avoids sedentary lifestyles and keeps herself connected to nature as much as she can. She doesn’t have any strict routine or diet but she is persistent in her daily physical activities and healthy eating habits. She is a big follower of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

12. Mark Wahlberg

He is a phenomenal actor, producer, businessman, rapper, and gym bunny! Wahlberg is an early bird; his first workout session starts from 4.40 am to 5.15 am! That’s right! When most people in the U.S are going home after parties or night outs, he is wide awake and ready to start his day. He revealed that his fitness regimen consists of two workout sessions, four meals, three snacks, and a cryotherapy session. In one of his social media posts, he did a full disclosure of his one-day routine. He mentioned he wakes up at 2.30 am so that he can finish his workout before the day started. He is a spiritual being and believes in praying before starting his day. 3.15 am is his breakfast time, and after that, he hits the gym for around 2 hours. After having his post-workout meal and showering, he leaves for work at 7.30 am. He does some intense mixed workout routines and prefers health-beneficial foods. He is strictly disciplined about his lifestyle and keeps it going like that. 

11. Tom Cruise

He is the master of fitness and risky stunts. He is a pro in almost everything, acting, stunts, flying choppers, wooing his fans, etc. Tom Cruise, the name itself is enough when we talk about the fittest actors of all time. He is always training, and even on his days off, he is seen kayaking, hiking, cycling, etc. His workouts include loads of outdoor activities. He is very conscious about what he gives into his body. Cruise eats 15 small meals in 24 hours. His daily calorie intake is 1200 calories. He stays away from oily foods and is not weakened by the idea of cheat meals. He prefers mostly grilled food and cuts carbs as much as possible. His workout doesn’t confine him to any particular form of exercise. He believes in doing simple workouts regularly and backs it up with nutritious diets. His workout routine has two common drills; cardio and weight training. He exercises for three days indulges in adventurous activities for two days and the rest two days of the week he gives himself rest to restore his stamina. 

10. Nicole Kidman

Her fans are in awe of her fit body and quirky presence of mind. This Australian actress’s fitness regime is a live example of the saying, ‘little is more. She is a no go on high-intensity gym-equipped workouts instead, she maintains a balance with mild workouts and cardiovascular training. She considers running a good warm-up & stamina-building exercise. She indulges herself in swimming and spinning as well. She loves to play tennis, run, and cycle in the gym. She prefers to eat a protein-rich food. She is a big yoga lover, and she swears by it. She loves eating organic farm-fresh foods. She loves dairy products, as well as fruits and eggs from her farm. She treats her sweet tooth too but with caution and prefers organic food products only. She avoids processed foods. Her body shows the discipline and care that she takes without fail. Her workout works for her as she is following it for years now, it might not straight away gives you result but is very helpful and worth it in the long run. 

9. Daniel Craig

The James Bond franchise actor Daniel Craig (replacing Pierce Brosnan) works out for not 5 or 6 hours but only 45 minutes per day! Yes! You read it right. The broad-shouldered, meaner, angrier Bond has hardly an ounce of fat over his body. He had made that Bond’s tuxedo look even hotter, and ultimate badass. Craig is setting up fitness goals. His intense military training before ‘No Time to Die’, was jaw-dropping. His trainer, the ex-marine Sam Waterson helped him in building the exact figure, strength, and endurance that was needed for the movie. They used lots of resistance bands, cons, and hurdles exercises for stamina buildup. Craig says that people’s bodies change with their age and their endurance too. He believes that one should condition one’s workout regime as per the suitability of their physique. He workout for 5 days a week with his share of power pact workouts. On the weekends he keeps it mild and goes for a stretch, running, simple cardio, swimming, and slow-paced running. He eats 5-6 light meals in a day and resists all the fried processed foods. The Bond actor is very dedicated to his fitness.

8. Vin Diesel

The Dominic Toretto of the Fast and Furious franchise is the real-life Toretto too! He is as fit as he is shown in the movies. His workout regime focuses on muscular buildup. He mixes up his weight training with old-school bodybuilding. His fight training and free running help him to get rid of any excess fat on his body. The 6 ft, 225 lbs actor is a beast in the gym. Despite his busy schedule, he makes sure he performs his fitness routine 5 times a week. For the rest two days, he keeps for mild pilates and yoga. Yeah! This big man also prefers yoga as it calms him. In his earlier days, he was focused on bulking up his body so that he can look big. Now his focus is to keep zero fat on his body for which he performs cardio, and core strengthening exercises. In his 5 days of working out, he focuses on each of his body parts, i.e., Monday: chest, shoulder, and biceps; Tuesday: shoulders and back, etc. His intake includes lean proteins, good carbs, veggies, and water. He avoids having fast or processed foods. 

7. Jason Statham

Statham is an English actor and one of the fittest Hollywood actors. His athletic body and dead serious face have bagged him several action movies like Italian Job, Fast and Furious franchise, etc. Little did people know about him that from an early age he has a taste for sports fighting. He had taken classes in kickboxing, karate, and Chinese martial arts. Jason is famous for his adrenalin-packed action sequences. For maintaining his athletic physique and core strength he keeps a disciplined lifestyle. He is a complete gym freak and likes to train in high-intensity exercises. He mostly prefers weight training, cardiovascular exercises, mobility and agility drills, etc. He focuses on the diet and exercises that help in keeping his athleticism in check along with his muscular physique. Statham has a minimal diet routine that he follows strictly. He abstains from anything that can harm his physique. He prefers nutrition-rich food which is carb-free and fat-free like fish, beans, nuts, etc. He eats sugary products in the daytime so that he has the time to burn the calories. His per-day calorie intake is restricted to 2000 calories. 

6. Jennifer Aniston

She is the worldwide favorite of Rachel Green! This FRIENDS actress is 53 years now but her body says differently. She has a beautifully sculpted body. And why not, as she is a fitness fanatic! Yeah! She loves to work out!! The 80’s actress is still creating oomph through her toned body and beauty. She is big on yoga, pilates, and cardiovascular exercises. She likes to mix it up and then train. Her best workouts are bicycle crunches and kettlebell exercises. Aniston’s current fitness regime indulges a 15-15-15 workout that means 15 minutes of spin, 15 minutes elliptical and 15 minutes run. She follows the 16:8 intermittent fasting. She discloses that the sleeping hours are part of fasting, so she starts taking food after 10 am. She prefers fruit smoothies, celery juice, lean proteins, and good fats like salmon, avocado, and leafy green veggies. She works out 5-6 days a week for 1 -2 hours. 

5. Lucy Liu

You must remember her from Charlie’s Angel. She was one of the angels; fierce, fit, and fine. She is still maintaining her health and fitness. Being over 50 years of age how she still looks perfect? The answer lies in her workout regimen or to be exact in her diet. She believes eating healthy is the key to good health. She is a vegetarian and prefers only organic produce. She feels light and energetic when she haves organic food. She stays away from non-organic or processed food which makes her feel tired and low on energy. She treats herself with her favorite bites now and then as she believes one should not restrict oneself from the delicacies of life. But overall she is a sucker for nutritious food, fruits, and nuts. She is an early riser and wakes up at 6 am and hits the gym. She loves SoulCycle, it keeps her mind sound and focused. She runs with her dog as a part of her cardio, for strength training she does pilates which helps her with her posture.

4. Hugh Jackman

This Australian actor has proved to be ageless several times. How did he do it? The answer is an hour to 90 minutes of exercise daily and keeping a healthy diet as well as lifestyle. He is consistent in his fitness game. During his preparation for Wolverine, he trained very hard and made himself all jacked up. After his role, he is all about gaining strength and keeping himself fit. His workout includes warming up, doing cardio exercises, core exercises, and weight training. When comes to his food habits, he is as disciplined as any focused fitness freak would be. Jackman prefers his nutritious diet along with his vitamin supplements. He makes sure his pre and post-workout diets are well fed to him. On one hand, he has an intensive workout regime; on the other hand, he is a big believer in meditation. He meditates for 20-30 minutes twice a day. It helps him to calm his nerves down and balances his emotions. 

3. Jackie Chan

He is an actor, filmmaker, martial artist, stuntman, comedian, and above all a humble personality. Jackie gained training in martial arts and acrobats for years before entering the film industry. After becoming an actor he up-skilled himself in Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, and Jeet Kun Do. He has a black belt in Hapkido. He invented his fighting style called, ‘Wo Da Pian’, which involved mixed martial arts and death-defying gymnastics. He never takes his training for granted. He has a strict workout routine in which he also practices his various martial art skills including MMA and Kung Fu. He had redefined his training patterns over time as per his priority. He daily runs 3-5 miles and works out a full body-core routine daily. He has a very strict diet which is low in sodium, and carbs as well as high in protein.

2. Sylvester Stallone

His muscular and badass characters like Rocky, John, etc had blown the mind of the audience. His movies still inspire the youth of sweating it out and do bodybuilding. He had started the trend of making muscular bodies in a time when actors were supposed to be ‘just pretty’. He is known for his dangerous stunts and bulky personality. He performs almost all of his stunts during which he had suffered multiple injuries too. He had gone through severe injuries! But he never lets the pain suppress him. He is so passionate about the fitness regime that he never misses his workout sessions. He eats healthy, takes care of his body, and trains like a beast. Over time he had changed his workout routine according to his age and health. Even at 75, he can easily beat the guy half of his age.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

He has been an actor, producer, bodybuilder, businessman, and the 38th governor of California too! This man has it all; the body, the brain, and the skill! Arnold is not just a name, it is a title for someone who has a huge muscular buildup. We often heard the phrase, ‘Arnold-like figure’! From all this, we can gather how much fame and name Arnold’s got because of his God-like figure. He started his fitness journey at 15 and still, he maintains his gigantic physic with the same dedication. He had won Mr. Olympia seven times! He retired from bodybuilding and acquired fame in Hollywood. Arnold won the governor’s chair three times consequently when his limit of being elected burned up after 3 times than he again returned to acting. This 6 ft 2 inches man is a sports enthusiast and supports loads of bodybuilding as well as sports events. One of his famous quotes was ‘When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.’


Fitness is not just working out like crazy; it is a lifestyle to be adopted and to be followed with utmost sincerity. Knowing your body, your strength, and filling up oneself with the fuel that benefits our frame. Fitness is not just a one-time thing it is a habit that should be a part of one’s life. The takeaway here is that; if you want a healthy and fit lifestyle, you have to be persistent in whatever small or big workout regime you have selected.

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