Bollywood Music and this industry is very popular in Worldwide. So today we will discuss the great “History Of Bollywood Music“.

History Of Bollywood Music

When someone bangs on a pan it’s referring to as noise but when the same bang is made with rhythm and it feels good to hear then it’s considered as music. Music is something referred to as a sound that has rhythm, timbre, melody, and pitch. The music of India has multiple varieties including folk music, Indian pop, Indian rock, classical music. There are a variety of Hindi songs that are cast in Bollywood movies. Bollywood music with dance performance is an essential element of Bollywood movies. Bollywood music gave rise to a new profession of playback singers that only needs a great, smooth and lovely voice and there was no need for being good looking. The inclusion of music to Bollywood movies helped in setting up a level and used the styles utilized by the Hollywood music industry.

The first time recorded Music of Bollywood 


History Of Bollywood Music: Music has started to be included in the Bollywood movies from the time of the release of the first audio movie Alam Ara that included seven songs in it and was the first movie recorded by the Saregama India Limited. There were around 69 songs in the movie Indra Sabha of 1932. Bollywood music has always been influenced by western music. And by the music directors, Ghulam Haider (Khazanchi in 1941), Anil Biswas(Kismet in 1943), and Naushad Ali (Anmol Ghadi in 1946) orchestration and structure started to be more sophisticated. Songs of the movie Albela in 1951 gave rise to the foot-tapping songs. Bollywood music is famous worldwide and even in the parts of India where Hindi is not the majorly spoken language.

History of Bollywood Music Era

Most of the Bollywood movies even starts with music today and Bollywood even provides the music to many Hollywood movies. Movie directors and producers often release their songs way too even earlier than the release of the movie trailer. Most of the Bollywood music revolves around the feeling of love, how two lovers get together, fall apart, and then reunite again. Some of the Bollywood movies even have the music related to patriotism, about devotion, about friendship or relationship among family. In the movies, the music is considered as a means of expressing the feelings of characters of the movies. Many of the Bollywood music involve duets among two lovers, dance on some songs getting played.  A movie is made a blockbuster by the songs list it has and it’s the reason when asked from audiences they comment they like the songs the most. In the world of the Bollywood industry, music composers and music directors are given the same importance as given to the movie directors and producers. The songs are played in the background and the actors just have to sync their lips. Songs like Razia Sultan’s Are Dil E Madam, where both the leads were wandering in deserts that were great hits of its time have no place now in the modern music industry.

The golden time of Bollywood Music


This present era is getting famous and popular for the remake of the songs that were a hit of the 90s. These remakes are currently known for their beats and rock music that provokes anyone to tap their feet right after listening to the few seconds. Bollywood songs have been influenced by the mixture of Hindi, Urdu poetry, Punjabi, and English. The songs with Urdu poetry are often considered as Ghazals. Many of the artists will always come and go but music artists like Asha, Lata, Kishore Kumar, Hemant, and some others were and will always be the one that has left their imprint on all the people. Raga from the movie Jogia was the first-ever song of the Bollywood music industry that was recorded by Gauhar Jaan in 1902.  Bollywood music is a combination of well-sung songs with a great dance performance. Several times it is the music of the movie that makes it a great success rather than its story.

Bollywood music has left an impact on the Hollywood music industry as well. The transformation of Bollywood music from traditional music with folks, classic music to modern music with contemporary, rock, and Pop music has led to great differences. The music industry has developed far more than it was earlier during the invention of the Bollywood movie industry.

Bollywood Instrumental Music

A musical composition that is recorded without any lyrics or singing by any singer. It may include articulate vocals like shouting in the background. This kind of music is majorly produced by playing musical instruments like piano, guitar, flute, and others.

Top 20 Bollywood Music Directors of all time

R.D Burman, Ilayaraja, S.D. Burman, A.R. Rehman, Shankar Jaikishan, Naushad, Laxmikant Pyarelal, M.S. Vishwanathan, C. Ramchandra, Raichand Borral, O.P. Nayyar, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Pritam Chakraborty, Nadeem Shravan, Bappi Lehari, Vishal Shekhar, Ajay Atul, Amit Trivedi, Anand Milind, Rajesh Roshan.

Top 10 Best Bollywood Music Download app list

  • JioSaavn by Reliance Digital Services
  • Saavn Music and Radio by Saavn
  • Wynk music by Airtel
  • Gaana Music by Times Internet Limited
  • Spotify- music for everyone
  • YouTube music
  • Hungama music
  • 4Shared music
  • Amazon prime music
  • Apple music

Top 3 Highest paid music director in Bollywood (currently)


1. R. Rahman


2. Shankar Mahadevan


3. Vishal Dadlani

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