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These days we are hearing this name a lot! who is Shiman Mandanna? Is she an actress too?? Or is she someone influential?? How come her name connects with the Tollywood actress Rashmika Mandanna? Questions are plenty but sadly the answers are limited.

In this article, we are going to shed some light on this mysterious yet not so mysterious name Shiman Mandanna.



Shiman Mandanna is the daughter of Madan Mandanna and Suman Mandanna.

The names might have given you a tiny hint. Yes, you are thinking right, Madan Mandanna and Suman Mandanna are the parents of the superhit Tollywood actress, Rashmika Mandanna!

And that makes Shiman Mandanna, sister of Rashmika Mandanna. Away from the constant limelight, Rashmika’s family is rarely spotted by the media. Hence, we know little about her family and were not familiar with her sister Shiman.



Shiman Mandanna was born in Kodagu, Karnataka on May 2nd,2013. She was born to a Hindu, Kshatriya Family. She is the youngest member of her family of four.

She still resides in Karnataka. Her whole growing phase till now has been in Karnataka only. To be precise, she was born in the city called Virajpet, Kodagu district, Karnataka.

For those who are having a hard time recognizing the name Kodagu, it was formerly known as Coorg, which is an administrative district in Karnataka.

Being born in the year 2013 would make her nine years of age.

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Rashmika Mandanna Family

Cute little Shiman is born to a Kshatriya Hindu family. Her mother, Suman Mandanna is a housemaker, whereas, Madan Mandanna, her father is a businessman, owns a coffee estate in Virajpet, Karnataka, and also owns a hall called Serenity in the same.

Shiman is the littlest angel of her family. There’s not much about her parents in the news or media despite them being the parent of the superstar Rashmika Mandanna.

Shiman and her parents are a tad bit of admirers of their personal space and are rarely spotted in the limelight.


Rashika Mandanna Sister

Rashmika Mandanna is the older sibling of the nine years old, Shiman Mandanna.

This fresh set of information spread like fire in the forest after the birthday post of Rashika Mandanna on her Instagram account on May 2nd, 2021, wishing her younger sibling a cute birthday wish.

She posted an adorable picture of her and her little sister cuddling with glee, along with a special birthday note. Rashmika and Shiman have an age gap of approximately 16 years, but they get along quite well and look endearing together.

Rashmika is like a second mother to Shiman. Shiman shares a very special bond with her elder sister and she is much attached to her too.


The information we have gathered by now doesn’t reveal much about her or her family. Except for her elder sister, the whole family is a bit low-key when it comes to paparazzi.

But from the pictures posted online from her sister or mother’s profile and some from the Pappz, we may name her personality, ‘shy and adorably lovable’.

Just like her sister, she is also the queen of quirky cuteness.


As a nine-year-old and being shy, her traits and aspirations are yet to be known to the media and fans of Rashmika who are invested in Rashmika’s personal life. So, we have to wait a bit longer till she grows up and out in the world just like her sister.


There is none related to her. But, her father Madan Mandanna, and her sister Rashmika Mandanna were caught in one.

There was news of a raid conducted by 10 IT officials at Rashmika’s house in Kuloor, however, it was later known that the raid was aimed at Shiman’s and Rashmika’s father Madan Mandanna to scale up the properties owned by him.

Allegedly, a sum of Rs.25 Lakhs and four boxes of documents were searched and seized.


Media and fans love Rashmika Mandanna, hence interested in her personal life and family too.

The new name Shiman Mandanna, her younger sister caught so much attention and eagerness among the fans as well as the media, that the internet is flooding with the questions related to the younger one.

Her cuteness alongside her elder sister Rashmika is admired by everyone and fans are finding it extremely cute.

If this will be the case and the eagerness of the fans exceeds then we might get some more glimpses and details of this cute sister-duo together.

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