Top 20 Fittest Actors and Actresses Of Bollywood

Hello Readers! This blog post will introduce you to the fittest celebrities of the Bollywood glam world.

Most of them are tagged as ‘Biggies’ in their industries because of their exemplary contribution in the world of acting.

In addition to their acting talent, they are the face of fitness and role model for those who follow the fitness mantra.

 Top 20 Fittest Actors and Actresses of Bollywood

Bollywood is one of the biggest and most well-known film industries around the globe. Today, Bollywood is setting trends of being fit through some of the exceptionally fit and healthy actors and actresses.

These stars inspired people not just to look fit but to actually adopt fitness as a lifestyle. They are disciplined, persistent and a treat to the eyes!

There are so many fit celebs but I had lined up the top 20 fittest actors and actresses of Bollywood.

20. Katrina Kaif

She is a gym freak and loves working out. Where training and a healthy diet are tough for most of us, she on the other hand is a sucker for health and fitness. Her perfect body is a product of her intense workout which by the way she enjoys a lot!

She spends 3-4 hours working out, 6 days a week! Her workout regimen is a perfect combination of strength, functionality, and flexibility training. She engages herself with varied kinds of core exercises.

Her best friends during exercising are TRX, Bosu, Kettlebells, Medicine, Powerplate, and Swiss ball. She has a huge appreciation for yoga and meditation as well.

Her fun muscle-strengthening activity is swimming which she indulges in quite often. Her diet is protein, iron, and fiber focused; also she drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated and detoxified.

19. Hrithik Roshan

There had been hardly any time that we have encountered Hrithik Roshan, out of shape. He has always been perfect. How? Of course, through persistent hard work as well as a disciplined lifestyle.

Fitness is something that he enjoys a lot! He works out for 2-3 hours 5 days a week. He believes in eating small meals within a 3 hours gap and resists eating anything for 45 minutes post-workout.

His workout regimen changes according to the need of his work but he never fails to stretch, do cardio, strength train, and weight train himself.

He treats himself to his favorite delicacies on his cheat days every weekend. He is the inspiration of many who are into fitness cults. He owns a fitness brand HRX.

18. Malaika Arora

She is one of the most inspirational fitness hotties in B-town. She is 48, and a mother of a 19 years old teenager! But the name Malaika Arora is taken with pride when it comes to being fit and sexy.

Having utmost loyalty and consciousness towards her health is not a matter of joke. The actress is a fervent fitness lover and she never skips her workout routine, not even on her holiday! She is very passionate about her body and health. She is a Yoga and gym enthusiast.

Maintaining both with balance could be tough but not when you are focused on your body and mind. Arora maintains a healthy balanced week of Yoga and Gym workouts, along with swimming and dancing.

She loves being calorie but she never overdoes it. She believes in dropping all kinds of physical straining for one day and completely taking a rest.

17. Vidyut Jamwal

The model turned actor and now one of the most followed fitness ambassadors of the B-town. With his crazy fighting and parkouring skills, he has blown the minds of his audience.

Even if his movies don’t seem to collect much at the box office but his physique and skills have collected a huge mass of appreciators! Jamwal holds a degree in martial arts! Yes! He is a legit martial artist.

He also possesses training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Kalarippayattu. He had been trained since he was 3 years of age and now he a pro in fitness.

The most interesting thing about his fitness regime is his exceptionally simple diet. He has been a vegetarian/vegan for a few years and believes dropping non-veg was his best decision.

He doesn’t take any fancy protein or supplements rather he eats six small simple meals in a day. 

16. Disha Patani

She is one of the fittest actresses now in Bollywood. Her perfect athletic body leaves everyone awestruck.

Her fan envies her physique and beauty. Her beauty is god-given but her physique needed a lot of constant hard work without fail. And of course, diet.

It is said that a balance between a tough workout and a proper diet is the key to great health as well as the body. She has always been a dedicated actress and a fitness lover.

Her workout regimen is very tough and changes as per the need of her work.

But some gym tips that she swears by are a good warm-up, never underestimate cardio, a good balance between cardio and strength training, some martial arts, occasional dancing, and a healthy diet.

If you can follow these with perseverance, who knows, you can achieve Disha Patani-like physique too. 

15. Tiger Shroff

He is known to be the flying ninja of Bollywood. With 8-pack abs, chiseled physique, handsome face, and incredible parkouring skills. Say, jumping from dangerous heights into a summer salt and landing easily on his foot or doing risky stunts in his action-packed films.

All these exceptional talents need time, hard work, and persistence to flourish, all of which Tiger possesses.

He refrains from all kinds of smoking and alcohol. As per his workout regimen, he depends on his parkouring, dancing, and martial arts for cardio. He attempts all kinds of strength, mobility, and weight training, but the factor he focuses on more is his diet.

He likes to keep his diet clean and balanced. He avoids eating carbohydrates after 5 pm and never fails to work out!

14. Jacqueline Fernandez

This beauty is super fit and flexible! She has a sound fitness regimen which she follows without fail. She wakes up at 7 am to absorb the serenity of the morning fresh air.

She is a big yoga freak. She performs 20-40 sets of Surya namaskar! She indulges herself in yoga asanas 5 days a week.

She believes yoga enhances her flexibility, and balance and also calms her mind as well as body. Cardio is her secret to strength, stability, and stamina. Her physical fun exercise includes dancing.

All of these will not be as effective as it is if she doesn’t eat the right food. Her diet is balanced with loads of greens and plenty of water. She has a love for herbal tea too.

13. John Abraham

When we hear Fitness, Football, and Motorcycle, there’s only one name that arises in our mind and that is John Abraham.

His ultimate love for fitness and intense hard work for all his body transitions over time is astonishing! He is a complete gym rat and never misses his workout sessions for 5 days a week.

Apart from all the exercises like cycling, squats, leg exercises, dumbbell exercise, etc., he is a firm follower of yoga and meditation too. He believes that it calms one’s nerves and gives one a sound mind.

He is overall a vegetarian and avoids eating any type of meat or junk food. He had abstained himself from alcohol, sugar, nicotine, maida, oily food, or rice. Being cautious and fit is his lifestyle also he doesn’t need any cheat days. 

12. Bipasha Basu

She had hyped the trend of being the owner of a gorgeous and perfectly fit body. She is a true fitness enthusiast and focuses on attaining a strong as well as a healthy body rather than a typical stereotypical skinny body.

She is big on Yoga and is often seen on her social media handles doing somewhat incredible poses or asanas. She believes that a minor exercise, Squats, which is often neglected for doing hardcore workouts has a tremendous result on the upper as well as the lower body.

She is not very big on a tough diet and intense workout sessions, on the other hand, she believes in moderation.

She considers having a balance between one’s food and workout. Her mantra is healthy eating and a persistent workout regimen.

11. Randeep Hooda

Hooda is a lone wolf when it comes to his gym training. He prefers working out alone with his entire focus on himself. He likes to mix his workout regime like a combination of circuit training and weight training along with push-ups/pull-ups.

He likes to indulge himself in outdoor fitness activities like running, swimming, horse riding, etc. He is not a fan of cardio but does that anyway for the sake of his body.

However, we can see he has this beautifully chiseled body but he mostly focuses on his chest and back. For him, junk food is a big NO.

He insists on eating clean, healthy, and leafy with high protein that his body needs. He never keeps the same diet but changes it according to the need of his upcoming roles.

10. Nora Fatehi

The trending hotness of Bollywood Nora is extremely fit. Not just her sexy dance moves but her fitness routine is also making headlines. She is not strict with her workout list she keeps on changing her workout game.

From pilates to cardio, she attempts everything which helps her in burning calories and improves her flexibility. Her daily dance practice is one of her favorite calorie-burning errands. Her perfect body doesn’t need the sacrifice of her favorite delicacies.

She does eat what she loves, pizza, burgers, fries, and junk foods but she makes sure that her cheat meal does get converted into energy or burned down. Whatever she eats, she eats in moderation.

Her diet is rich in leafy greens and balanced food. She always stays hydrated, which helps her body to get rid of toxins and gives her glowing skin too!

9. Farhan Akhtar

He is known to be one of the most versatile actors of Bollywood when it comes to doing justice to the role he had bagged. With his extremely amazing body transformation, people wanted to know what kind of regime he follows so that they too can attain his ripped muscular physique.

For his upcoming movie ‘Toofan’, he had undergone 18 months long training and diet. He used to work out 5-6 hours daily in two sessions. He cycles every day for 22 Kms.

He has attained athletic and functional training with Tabata sessions on the side. He is very committed to his workout game and this is his ultimate secret. He follows his trainers and dietician with utmost faith and sincerity.

8. Rekha

She is the evergreen diva of Bollywood, the goddess of grace & beauty. This 67-year actress can beat any young actress single-handedly in terms of fitness and natural beauty.

Rekha is very homely with her diet and even with her beauty regime. She prefers home-cooking simple food like lentils, roti, green vegetables, yogurts, etc. She drinks 10-12 glasses of water regularly and avoids junk foods. She does Yoga and some other exercises that are beneficial for her form. She meditates to keep her mind still and focused.

She eats her dinner before 7.30 pm so that she could have 2 hours gap before going to bed. She wakes up before sunrise. She abstains from heavy training to build her body in a certain way, rather, she believes in healthily maintaining her own body. She looks rather ravishing as compared to other young actresses.

7. Anil Kapoor

This legendary Bollywood actor is the fittest of all time. He is very particular about his diet and workout. He is a sucker for sprints and loves running as it helps in sculpting the whole body.

His main focus is on his cardio along with some mixed-up other workouts. He hits the gym three times a week for two to three hours. The rest of the days he keeps up with his running and lawn workouts.

He enjoys fast food in moderation. He is giving some serious fitness goals to the netizen through his dedication and discipline.

His diet consists of six meals in a day involving carbs, a good source of protein, and some fats are also important for him. He never compromises his sleep cycle, he needs to have an eight-hour sound sleep.

He had refrained from any alcohol or smoking.

 6. Milind Soman

He is a supermodel, actor, fitness enthusiast, producer, etc. He introduces the chiseled body term to the Indian entertainment industry. Soman was the first Indian male supermodel. He likes to participate in sports and athletic events.

In that event, he swam 3.8 km, followed by running 180.2 km, and ultimately cycled for 42.2 km. He is not an intense gym freak, on the other hand, he believes in doing 15- 20 minutes of mixed micro-workout that include yoga too.

He admits that as people grow older they eventually become weak too. That’s why for keeping his believes that moderate workouts daily help him in building his strength and gaining smooth mobility. He regularly does 30 Surya Namaskar every day. 

5. Madhuri Dixit

The beautiful, bubbly, and dancing diva Madhuri Dixit is 55 years young! She still looks fit, fine, and with finesse! She is not much into high-intensity workouts, instead, she practices Kathak 4 to 5 times a week for several hours. She believes that dancing is an exceptional cardiovascular exercise.

However, she indulges herself in power yoga and some mild cardio along with little weight training. But her main exercise is her dancing. She is big on eating her veggies, and even after her hectic schedule, she never misses eating her bowl of fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins.

She stays hydrated not just with plain water but with coconut water too. As per her, staying fit doesn’t involve killing your cravings; she eats her comfort food too as a small meal. 

4. Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi of Bollywood is the fittest actor of all time. He is the fittest and the most disciplined actor in the Indian film industry. The actor has maintained a healthy and strict lifestyle ever since he was a boy.

He is trained in Martial arts. His best fitness regime is running miles and keeping a disciplined schedule. He works out for just an hour five to six days a week and remaining he gives himself to rest.

His intakes are 3 fiber-rich meals in a day which helps in a high metabolism rate. When he can’t exercise, he takes long walks of 20-30 minutes.

He is big on yoga and performs several asanas in his regular exercising regime. The Khiladi actor also indulges himself in various sports like basketball, kickboxing, swimming, etc. 

3. Ajay Devgn

 He is known to perform stunts that are several times very risky. Performing a stunt in their 20s or 30s is one thing but pulling risky stunts and maintaining a toned physique in his 50s is remarkable. He is very passionate about his work and workout routines.

His mantra for a healthy lifestyle is all about the balance between the right diet and the right amount of exercise. He works out for one and half hours daily without fail indulging in cardio, running, weight training, etc. His motive is to stay fit and maintain a toned body.

He doesn’t run for six-pack abs, he runs for staying healthy and active. His diet includes everything low-carb and high protein.

He loves to try various cuisines but with a moderate limit. He doesn’t like fattening foods or junk. He prefers home cook meals the most. 

2. Tabu

Tabu is that actress of Bollywood who looks like she had stopped aging and she just glows! She believes that one should consider their age before adopting any diet and exercise.

She believes in eating the right thing at the right time. She is not a fan of junk hence, keeps herself away from fast foods. She prefers home to cook healthy food. She says that it will not work if you don’t eat right and work out only. Her go-to workout is Yoga, but for her yoga is relaxing, and doesn’t consider it a hectic workout.

She finds yoga extremely helpful to make her body stretchable and active. It helps her be healthy in the body and calm her mind.

Her simple but consistent fitness regime is the reason why she looks like 30 years gal in her 50s.

1. Shilpa Shetty

She is an actor, model, producer, entrepreneur, and wellness influencer. She is the mother of two; still, she looks like a young enchantress.

The secret is her passion for her fitness regimen. She is so passionate about health and wellness that she launched her fitness app, ‘Simple Soulful’. She also has a fitness and wellness channel on Youtube, where she educates about diets and exercises to become fit and active, just like her.

The diva works on a tight schedule but never fails to do her daily dose of yoga, meditation, and other needful workouts. She has a sweet tooth and also loves having fried delicacies but in moderation.

Her cheat day is like a mouth-watering food fair, on the other hand, she is extremely strict with her diet on the rest of the days. She is a big follower of Yoga and influences others too. 


Being healthy is not a one-time activity; it is a strict process that needs to be followed. All the above celebrities either follow high-intensity workout regimes and strict diets; or follows simple diets with simple exercises.

But what they have in common is the tendency to keep on going without fail. They have taught themselves about their well-being and wellness. They don’t compromise their health for sake of their cravings.

They did treat themselves but with moderation. Anything done in a limit or calculated proportion is good for your body and mind.

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